So a few weeks ago I was visiting Alice, Jin, Buddha, and my sisters in Boston. I’ve been to Boston a lot cause I live close by and I have family there. This time in Boston I saw iPod ads EVERYWHERE. I sincerely doubt there is a place in Boston where you cannot find an iPod ad, aside from a FEW bathrooms. Here’s a picture of a few iPod ads by in the Prudential T-stop. What bothered me even more than the signs is the fact that I was listening to my iPod half the times I saw them. Damn it their ad campaign is good. Or is it?

Once I got back to Maine, I hopped on my brand new overpriced 15" Powerbook (signed by Woz) and decided to BECOME an iPod ad. Becoming an iPod ad isn’t difficult at all, but in this process I hear it is nearly impossible to resist the following:

  • flailing arms
  • spiking hair
  • wearing a beret
  • dancing
  • becoming U2
  • wearing chunky plastic-framed glasses

I knew it was going to be hard, but I was ready.

I had a few photos of myself lying around, because I’m incredibly vain, so I removed their backgrounds in Photoshop.

Then I made nifty silhouette things for them, and I added holes to emphasize things like my hands.

After the silhouette I made the token iPod headphones, leading into my hoodie pocket because I am way too lazy to actually draw an iPod.

Then came the iPod ad colors. They are:

blue #1379F9
purple #9369BF
orange #F59110
green #9FCC39
pink #EB5297

I only came up with one that was funny. My mom disapproves: